What's new

Voicedocs has released the speech-to-text service for English

English language support has been added to Voicedocs Transcriber Service. You can now convert your audio files to text or add subtitles to your videos in English. Just choose English from the language drop-down menu when you upload a file.

Voicedocs Software company which does R&D in the AI field, develops its own speech recognition engine without using third-party services.


New version of Voicedocs Automatic Transcription service for Turkish is released

Voicedocs Transcriber's Speech Recognition Engine for the Turkish Language has been Updated

The new version transcribes 9% more accurate than the previous one. Thus, you will get 9% more accurate transcription and do less editing when you transcribe an audio file.

Also, the transcriber for the English language will be released very soon. Please, stay tuned.



Voicedocs introduces automatic transcription service

Voicedocs introduces automatic transcription service for audio or video recordings. It's a lot easier now to transcribe voice recordings of interviews, tv programs, movies, meetings.

  1. Upload audio or video file
  2. Get automatic transcription in minutes with the help of Automatic Speech Recognition
  3. Quickly edit transcription with text editor which synchronizes text and audio