Give voice to your app, website or device

Provide more natural and intuitive voice interface to your users integrating Voicedocs SDK to your mobile or desktop apps, websites or devices. Increase user engagement via spoken question-answering. Voicedocs SDK features:

Voice typing and voice search

Fill forms or enter messages in your app via speech-to-text. Speak search queries instead of typing in apps like E-Commerce or Maps

Voice control

Voice control of your app. Especially useful when hands are busy or on the go, like when driving. Also useful for devices like robots, smart home, toys and etc. Offline version can also be provided, which doesn't require internet connection.

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant which answers questions like Apple Siri customized to user's needs

Voice activation

Activate your app without touching the screen via spoken command like "Hey Siri"

Audio transcription

Transcribe pre-recorded audio files from meetings, lectures or call-center logs

Voicedocs SDK features