Motivation stands behind every step we take towards performing any task. Without motivation, we delay finishing the task we started, can’t finish it or can’t even start doing it in the first place.


Although the human brain is powerful, it can’t store everything we hear, see or read in our lifetime.


Taking notes while listening to an audio/video file is easy because you can rewind the recording any time and write anything you missed. It is different when it comes to taking notes during the live talk. You may need to take notes during the lecture or an event.


You're sitting in the lecture. Your lecturer is talking monotonously, and you are about to fall asleep. Scenes like this take place every day in classrooms.

Fortunately, modern techniques can help in many cases.


Being a journalist requires you to work with a great amount of information. You need to be productive and at the same time keep your work quality as high as possible.


Starting a business and turning it into a successful one requires a number of factors to be considered. Meetings are an essential part of that process. Thousands of meetings take place around the world every day.


Transcribing the meeting conversations has long been difficult due to the large proportions of information that needed to be transcribed.


Are you having difficulty writing a meeting summary and do not know where to start and what to include? This article will guide you through the process and help you write it in the best way possible.