The success of interviews depends on many factors, such as the professionalism of interviewers, the place they conduct the interview, and the devices used to record the interview. But perhaps the biggest factor in a successful interview process is the questions the interviewer asks.


User experience design is a process that puts a user front and center when designing a product. In other words, it comes up with designs that define your user's experience with the product. UX design aims to create useful, usable and equitable products for all users.


User experience research, also called UX research, is one of the most widespread forms of research in the digital age.


One of the major issues in the field of research is bias. There are many forms of bias that influence the research process. First of all, what is bias?


A research process can take months or even years, depending on the subject matter. Therefore, time and effort spent on the research process should not be wasted.


Research is not a straightforward process. While it may seem easy to conduct research, the reality is different. There are a number of guidelines every researcher needs to follow in order to have credible results.


A research proposal is a document summarizing a proposed research project. It is written to give an overview of the research methods and secondary data sources you want to use in your project.



Quantitative research characteristics

Benefits and limitations

Best practices for quantitative research



The article contains information on different aspects of voice recording devices, how to record high-quality sound, the differences between recording a voice and taking notes, tips on what you should consider before buying a voice recorder, where you can use a voice recorder, and the best voice r



The article contains information about the definition of a survey, its different methods and types, survey design, benefits and drawbacks offered by surveys, and survey software.