With the increasing number of internet users, there’s a demand for content more than ever. People spend several hours of their time every day surfing the internet, checking websites and apps, especially social media, and it creates great opportunities for content creators.


Utilizing all the benefits the digital age brings us, we create different content and put them on our websites, social media, and other platforms. Some create content to showcase their passion, while others use the content for business purposes.


Transcription, a process of converting speech to text, plays a major role in many fields.

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Whether written by a scholar, student, or writer, a written piece goes through several stages before it is ready to be published or handed over to somebody. The last step in this process is proofreading. It mainly involves rereading and checking errors in the text.


Although the human brain is powerful, it can’t store everything we hear, see or read in our lifetime.


Writing has a long history as an art form. Writers always used their hands to write with a pen or, type using typewriter and computer. "Handwriting "was the only method available. Now, they take a fresh approach to that process.


Taking notes while listening to an audio/video file is easy because you can rewind the recording any time and write anything you missed. It is different when it comes to taking notes during the live talk. You may need to take notes during the lecture or an event.


In the age of technology, it is sometimes extremely difficult to avoid plagiarizing someone's work, considering the size of information on the internet.


Paraphrasing is part of the writing process. If you want to use a sentence or a passage from one source, you can do it in two ways. You can either keep it the same in quotation marks or can change the words and structure. In other words, paraphrase it.