Productivity Tools for Journalists

Being a journalist requires you to work with a great amount of information. You need to be productive and at the same time keep your work quality as high as possible. In this article we will review some of the tools that are essential for every journalist who wants to get enhanced productivity in their work. Keep in mind that these are just some of the tools that we recommend. There are hundreds of other similar tools that you may need to check in order to get the most suitable to your style and choices.

Planners and Trackers

It is almost impossible to get any work done without a good planner/tracker app. You may need to create tasks, subtasks, deadlines, add notes and have notifications to go along with them. With the help of tools such as Asana, Proofub, Trello, you can get all the benefits mentioned above.  

Automatic Transcription Tool

There may few journalists that don’t need to conduct interviews. Interview is probably the first word that comes to mind when we hear anything related to journalism. But how to manage the hours of recorded content? With the help of automatic transcription software like Voicedocs you can convert an hour of audio/video into a text in less than ten minutes. You can do it manually but it takes several hours or even a day.
Search any part of the interview with keywords and make on-transcription notes using Voicedocs. It is fast, cheap and secure tool that every journalist needs to use for productivity enhancement.

Spell Checkers

Checking the text for grammar and structure is a serious responsibility required from a journalist. Software like Grammarly and Hemingway designed to do this job in a short time. You may need to use their premium features but it is totally worth it when you are not sure if your text meets all requirements regarding grammar and structure.


Scanning is part of your job if you are a journalist. A lot of documents, news reports need to be scanned as part of a job. There are devices that you can use for scanning but some of the apps already make it possible to get high quality scan with your phone. No need to find any scanning device if you are in a rush and need to send the scans as fast as possible. Just open your app on the phone, scan the document and it will give you a proper scan of it.  Adobe Scan or Microsoft Office Lens provide you with this service and you can even convert the scan into a pdf without using any extra app.