Benefits of Automatic Transcription of Meetings

Transcribing the meeting conversations has long been difficult due to the large proportions of information that needed to be transcribed. As the technology is developing, there are new software programs that let you record the meeting from start to finish and upload it to software that converts the audio or video to text, which lets you search any part of the topic that has been discussed. These are called automatic transcription software programs.  Recordings of different media outlets - interviews, TV programs, movies, and meetings- are quite easy to transcribe now with this modern piece of software. This article will demonstrate the benefits of this software and why it should be used more widely by individuals and corporations.

The software works with a simple algorithm – speech to text. The conversation is recorded with a voice or video recorder, and then the file that contains the recording is uploaded to this software, which converts it to text. Which advantages does it give you?

  •     It usually takes several hours or even days to transcribe all the conversations by hand, which takes a lot of time and money. Automatic transcription lets you do this in just a few minutes in a much more cost-effective way.  
  •     If it is done manually, there is a big chance that some important parts will be missed as it is almost impossible to take notes without getting distracted by different factors. No major information is lost by automatic transcription.
  •     The words are checked automatically with a built-in digital dictionary that recognizes around one million words.
  •     It helps you protect any vital information that you do not want to trust any transcriber outside your company. In other words, you are not using the help of a third party that can lead to information leakage.
  •     The software can distinguish between the speakers with the help of Automatic Speech Recognition. So, when the audio is converted to text, it is easy to quote any speaker that was part of the meeting.
  •     All the transcription will be in front of you, on the computer, so you can easily search any part of the conversation you want.
  •     You can search by any word, which lets you find the conversation about any topic that is interesting for you. This is another factor that saves the time you would otherwise spend to find the desired part in a very long transcript.
  •     You can get a meeting summary without much effort.
  •     If you press any word on the text, it will redirect you to that part of the audio. So, it lets you listen to any part of the audio just by clicking on the word.
  •     It helps you to edit transcription with the help of a text editor, which synchronizes audio and text related to it.
  •     There is also no need to download it as it is a cloud-based software that gives you a chance for unlimited editing and downloading on the official site. If you do not want to upload your data to the cloud, servers can be installed inside your corporate network.  

With all these benefits that come with an automatic transcriber, there is no doubt that it is much more efficient than the human factor in almost all corners of transcribing.