1. Please download and start Voicedocs application for your PC from http://voicedocs.com/dictate

2. Download and start Voicedocs mobile app to your Android or iOS phone from Play Store or App Store

3. Go to "Pair with PC" tab on Voicedocs mobile app and enter pairing code shown on the PC application

Please make sure that both your phone and PC are connected to internet. Antivirus or Firewall software might also block the data transfer. Voicedocs has to be added to Exceptions List of these programs.

Before speaking, please click on the document window in Microsoft Word or any text editor (click on the editable text box)

Please hold the phone close to your mouth and speak more clearly in quiet condition.

Canceling the subscription on Android:

Open Google Play app Search for Voicedocs and tap on it Tap "Manage Subscriptions" Tap "Cancel subscription"

Canceling the subscription on iOS:

Go to Settings of your iPhone or iPad Select "iTunes & App Store" Tap on Apple ID Tap "Show Apple ID" Tap "Subscriptions" Tap on Voicedocs and choose "Cancel subscription"

At the end of registration period, you are provided monthly and yearly subscription options. If you haven't purchased apps on Google Play or App Store before, you will be asked to enter your credit card details.

After purchasing the app on your phone, you can connect to as many PCs as you want using that phone.