No. You're not charged after free trial, unless you choose to purchase one of prepaid packages.

Credit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay can be used to pay on website. Please contact the support team for Paypal, wire transfer, Sofort, Giropay, BanContact and iDEAL  payment methods.

No. You can use your balance whenever needed (i.e. in a few years). Every time you transcribe a file, the duration is subtracted from your balance.

Yes. Please contact the support team after the purchase, providing the organization name, address and VAT ID.

Steps to easily add subtitles to video using automatic transcription software

Steps to convert audio recording to text using automatic transcription software

Automatic transcription works well only in following conditions:

- Voice recording device has to be close to mouth of speaker

- Only one person speaks at a time

- High voice recording quality in quiet environment

Download the video file from Youtube using online services