Interview transcription

Transcription of the interview

The transcription of the interview, like the transcription of any other audio file is tedious and time-consuming process.
What is the difference between transcription of an interview and transcription of other types of audio files? A journalist, researcher, lawyer or someone else records an interview, or just a conversation with someone, or dictates an interesting situation to his/her recording device or smartphone.

Quick turnaround time – on of main requirements

In today's information market, information tends to lose value very quickly. Publication of information as quickly as possible is very important for media and news organizations, law firms, researchers, conference organizators and other companies. Therefore, quick turnaround time of transcription is one of the main requirement for transcribers.
Very often the task of the transcriber is to convert the audio recording to text as is and in full, because whole draft material is needed to be worked on. The text then edited and corrected by several people, which adds even more time to get final publication. So there's clear need for speeding up this process.

How to transcribe quickly?

There are several ways to transcribe an interview:

You can do it yourself using some technologies that facilitate the transcription process, in which case you will lose a long enough time (for every minute of recording, at least 4 minutes of work required for professional transcriber, and beginner needs much more). This method does not provide the necessary speed in much cases;

Hire an experienced transcriber, which will spend less time than you for transcription, but still, for an hour of recording, several hours of work is required. Also, it will cost much money as urgent transcription is more expensive.

And finally, you can use the online service of automatic transcription Voicedocs Transcriber. In this case, you will save both time and money, and most importantly achieve the result much faster.

Why Voicedocs transcriber?

Voicedocs Transcriber is claims to be the fastest and cheapest way of transcribing the audio file. Even using your mobile phone, you can transcribe your audio file without need of human transcriber.  Just upload your audio or video file and get automatic transcription in a matter of minutes.

Automatic transcription is incomparably faster than the human transcriber, because audio recording is automatically transcribed via state-of-the-art speech recognition which takes even less time than the duration of audio file. Along with automatic transcription, Voicedocs transcriber also provides innovative text editor, which automatically plays the fragment from the audio file for selected sentence, eliminating the need for manually controlling the audio player and allows you to quickly correct the errors of automatic recognition.

With this method, you can greatly reduce time and money spent on transcription. If you follow the advices on recording the speech (smartphone or voice recording device should be held close to the mouth of the speaker, try to record the speech in a quiet environment, etc.), you can achieve very high accuracy in automatic transcription and then spend very little time manually working on it.

It should be noted that Voicedocs automatic transcription and editing tool is also useful for professional transcribers, because unlike other software and hardware, it significantly reduces the amont of work.