Survey Software

Surveys are among the primary methods of collecting data. For decades, researchers used old-school methods - paper and phone calls - to conduct surveys, but advances in technology let them take a different approach to almost all data collecting methods.  Now, it is possible to create, send, and analyze surveys using computer-assisted, easy-to-use software that comes with numerous features.

What are the features and benefits offered by such software?

1.     Cost-effective

Printing and distributing traditional survey papers demands spending a lot of money and effort, especially if it requires travelling to deliver the surveys. You may also invite people to your office to get feedback on a specific research project, but they will ask for more money to show up in person. With online software, survey links are sent by email, social media, or embedded in websites, and researchers usually pay less than a dollar per person for participation.

2.     A large number of respondents

There is no geographical restriction when it comes to web-based software; therefore, participants from all over the world can share their opinions on your research topic.

3.     More honest feedback

In-person and telephone surveys are not too useful when the topic involves sensitive subjects. Respondents may not feel comfortable opening up about their specific experiences while they are in the same room with others or on the phone. However, answers are more valid in the surveys conducted online using the software.

4.     Fast turnaround time and flexibility

Utilizing survey tools let researchers design and send the surveys in a much shorter period than the traditional paper-based surveys. It is possible to change any part of the survey with just a click and repurpose it.  Some of these software features pre-built templates that you need to fill with certain information before delivering it to respondents. The software may even offer recommendations on survey design in order to increase the response rate.

5.     Schedule your surveys

Some tools available on the market make the process automated and saves you from sharing the surveys manually all the time. Schedule your survey, and the software will share it.

6.     Easy data analysis

The software may give you a simple summary or a more sophisticated analysis depending on its cost and functions. Premium software provides an opportunity to filter, map, and cross-tabulate your data using charts, diagrams, tables, and graphs. This way, you get a better understanding of the data you are dealing with.

Whether you want to get customer feedback on your product or service, measure employee satisfaction, or conduct research for academic purposes, surveys designed, sent, and analyzed using software brings a large number of reliable responses and saves your time and money. Software such as SurveyMonkey, SurveySparrow, Qualtrics, SurveyGizmo, and Google offers various features mentioned in this article. The majority of them provide a free trial, so it is recommended to check the software before deciding if you want to pay for the premium version.