Transcription software

What is transcription software?

Transcription software is a computer program which assists human to convert speech recording to text. User is provided with the tools to play/pause the audio fragment and type the spoken text, then repeat the process for all audio. The main components of the transcription software is audio player with play, pause, rewind, change playback speed and other functionalities, also text editor. The software can be used along with specialized hardware like foot pedals for playing/pausing and headphones. The software is used for transcription of all kind of speech recordings like meetings, interviews, lectures, also for adding closed captions to video. In the latter case, timing information for each piece of text is also added.

Fast automated transcription using speech recognition technology

Though transcription software provides the tools for assisting humans, transcription is still very exhausting and time consuming process. Professional transcriber needs 4 hours to transcribe 1 hour of audio, while non-professional might need 6-7 hours. Including the speech recognition to transcription software greatly reduces time and effort spent to transcription in following ways:

  • The audio is automatically transcribed with 85-90% accuracy (for good quality audio) in very short time, leaving the only review and error correction for user
  • Special text editor plays the audio fragment for any selected part of resulting text, facilitating the review and correction process
  • Time stamps are automatically determined for every word, so closed captions can be automatically extracted
  • Audio playing is performed with highlighting every played word in transcription, for easier review

and etc
According to user feedback, automated transcription software service saves time at least 4 times than in manual transcription.