A research process can take months or even years, depending on the subject matter. Therefore, time and effort spent on the research process should not be wasted.


Research is not a straightforward process. While it may seem easy to conduct research, the reality is different. There are a number of guidelines every researcher needs to follow in order to have credible results.


A research proposal is a document summarizing a proposed research project. It is written to give an overview of the research methods and secondary data sources you want to use in your project.



Quantitative research characteristics

Benefits and limitations

Best practices for quantitative research



Transcription, a process of converting speech to text, plays a major role in many fields.


Transcription, a process of converting speech to text, is widely used in various fields by people from all categories.


Videos are created for various purposes, and they have become possibly the most used form of information. YouTube, the most famous video sharing platform available in over 80 languages, has more than 2.3 billion users worldwide.


Advances in AI technologies let different fields use them to enhance productivity at a minimum cost. Call centers are among those that use AI-powered virtual assistants to answer customer calls and messages.

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The advances in technology make it possible to connect with anyone and anywhere in the world. There were times when the internet wasn’t available anywhere, and people used just regular cellular calling methods.