You're sitting in the lecture. Your lecturer is talking monotonously and you are about to fall asleep. Scenes like this take place every day in classrooms.

Fortunately, modern techniques can help in many cases.

At many universities, the lectures are now recorded as podcasts. So you can listen to the event in the warm and cozy living room instead of in the crowded lecture hall. To save time, it is best to double speed.


Being a journalist requires you to work with a great amount of information. You need to be productive and at the same time keep your work quality as high as possible. In this article we will review some of the tools that are essential for every journalist who wants to get enhanced productivity in their work. Keep in mind that these are just some of the tools that we recommend. There are hundreds of other similar tools that you may need to check in order to get the most suitable to your style and choices.


Every research starts with a desire or need to find answers to a particular question/topic. There are two main types of research – quantitative and qualitative. While quantitative research requires statistical analysis using numbers, qualitative research collects non-numeric data to find a context. We will look at different steps one needs to take during research process but it can vary depending on research type and topic.


Rise of technology let almost all kinds of industries to implement different innovations in various fields. There were times a researcher would spend days, even months in library studying countless books and taking notes. Those days are gone. Researching has also benefited greatly from a number of technological revelations. In this article, we will look at some of them:


You usually do a lot of research while trying to gather qualitative data through surveys, interviews, online forums, focus groups or observations. In order to draw conclusions and publish the findings, you need to organize all the data you gathered, identify different trends and make connection between them. Let’s look at the following steps you need to take in order to do it successfully.


What is transcription software?


The article contains information about qualitative and quantitative research characteristics, benefits and drawbacks offered by quantitative and qualitative research, data collection methods used in these research methods, and the steps needed to analyze qualitative data.


Every year, millions of students are getting education through various methods. Some have to take traditional classes, while others rely on distance learning. Distance education has long been part of the education process, but recent events show that it is increasing in the popularity due to many factors (ex. COVID-19). As many fields education industry also uses modern technologies in order to have better results out of study plans. One of the technologies that is implemented in this field are automatic transcription software programs.