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The advances in technology make it possible to connect with anyone and anywhere in the world. There were times when the internet wasn’t available anywhere, and people used just regular cellular calling methods. Talking on the phone using the internet and on top of that, seeing that person on the screen weren’t something people would imagine a half-century ago, apart from science-fiction stories. Old-fashioned cellular network-based phone calls still exist, but when you compare them with Wi-Fi calls, we may even assume that they will be history in the near future.  


With the growing number of call centers, there is more demand for speech analytics. This article is intended to give a brief overview of what speech analytics means, the advantages it can bring to businesses and how automatic transcription plays a major role in speech analytics.


      1. Introduction to speech analytics

      2. Speech analytics advantages

      3. Speech analytics software and transcription


1. Introduction to speech analytics



The article provides information on various applications of speech recognition technology in healthcare and the benefits it brings.

The development of speech recognition technology allows dictation and transcription programs to be used in various areas of human activity where it is imperative to reduce the time for documenting personnel activities.


The article contains information on different aspects of voice recording devices, how to record high-quality sound, the differences between recording a voice and taking notes, tips on what you should consider before buying a voice recorder, where you can use a voice recorder, and the best voice recording devices.



2.Where is a voice recorder used?

3.How to record a high-quality sound?

4.What should you consider before buying a voice recorder?



The article contains information about the definition of a survey, its different methods and types, survey design, benefits and drawbacks offered by surveys, and survey software. 

Survey Methods Survey Types Survey Design Survey Advantages and Disadvantages Survey Software



As an approach to qualitative research, the aim of IPA is to provide information about how individuals make sense of a certain phenomenon. In most cases, this phenomenon is a significant, life-changing event that the individual has a personal connection with. Although this approach can be used in many academic disciplines, it is mainly utilized in psychology.

First, let’s look at the definition of the word “phenomenology” as described by Mariam-Webster dictionary:


As one of the most interactive forms of research, ethnographic research was mainly used in anthropology before other social sciences also started to utilize it. It is a qualitative research method that involves researchers studying the research participants in their real-life environment. The primary data collection methods used for this purpose are observation and interview.