Transcribing the meeting conversations has long been difficult due to the large proportions of information that needed to be transcribed.


Are you having difficulty writing a meeting summary and do not know where to start and what to include? This article will guide you through the process and help you write it in the best way possible.


Transcription is the name of a process in which video or audio speech is converted into text. It was done manually by human transcribers for a long time. As technology develops more and more each day and the market grows, there are more events to cover.


How Many Interviews Are Enough for a Research?


Interviews are mostly done with individuals, but in some cases, you have to interview multiple people simultaneously. There are some essential steps you need to follow as it is quite a difficult task to conduct a group interview compared to an interview with just one person.


Interviews are conducted for various reasons. They matter a lot, whether it is for research or for media outlets. It is an essential part of understanding the situation as you do not rely just on your own opinion but also get someone else’s perspective on the matter.


English language support has been added to Voicedocs Transcriber Service. You can now convert your audio files to text or add subtitles to your videos in English. Just choose English from the language drop-down menu when you upload a file.


Voicedocs Transcriber's Speech Recognition Engine for the Turkish Language has been Updated

The new version transcribes 9% more accurate than the previous one. Thus, you will get 9% more accurate transcription and do less editing when you transcribe an audio file.

What is Speech Recognition?

Speech Recognition (or Automatic Speech Recognition) is the process of converting live or pre-recorded speech to text using computer technologies. Fig. 1 shows some of the Speech Recognition applications.


One of the most promising, socially necessary areas of speech recognition and the software on its base is to help people with disabilities.